Eight Technologies of Unhumanization | AntiTerror.One

1. Education of children is built according to the scheme of stimulating infantile behavior among children, in other words, the process of social maturity is artificially prolonged

This is done in order to utilize the energy of young people during the period of its greatest activity (from 15 to 25 years).

The fact is that in all historical times the main mass of revolutionaries was this particular category of the population. The young man has a peak of physical and intellectual activity by the age of 20, he is healthy, smart, hot, principled and uncompromising. Dangerous, is not it? Suffice it to recall that Alexander the Great was only 20 years old when he began his "career", Prince Svyatoslav at the time of death was no more than 30 years, Ivan the Terrible took Kazan in 22 years. And in our time (especially in Europe) at this age young people are considered "adolescents". That's what the upbringing of social infantilism is meant for, and to turn the author of history into a healthy and safe child. And let the surplus of energy merge somewhere, well, for example, in promiscuous sexual relations, in alcohol, drugs or in street crime;

2. Education of girls and boys by common standards

This is done not so much to inculcate women with masculinity, but to take away masculinity from men;

3. The vaccination of the egocentric picture of the world

The egoist is a loner, well, how can you not quote Mayakovsky: "... a loner is nonsense, a loner is zero, a loner, even if very important, will not raise a simple five-vertex log, and the more so five-story house...". Or "divide and conquer" as the ancient Romans used to say;

4. Formation of the image of a "successful" person

For verification, this "successful" person is nothing more than the image of the ideal slave of the system. Tie, jacket, dizzy career, great house, expensive car, vacation on best resort, Irish whiskey. That's great, huh? That man was lucky, but in reality he is an ideal slave, because he depends like a drug addict on his things. Therefore, he will do everything to maintain the stability of the system, he will tolerate any humiliation on the way to the career ladder. He will hide all of his childhood dreams so deep inside, himself that he will forget himself, turning into a humanoid being, into a geek.

Here you can include other images of "successful" people. Here and "steep" hefty man with a mug of beer in the bar, and "bitch", changing men, like gloves, and feminized madam, and gangster. In general, for every taste and color. Choose what you like. There is no here only the image of the defender, the image of the warrior, the image of the mother, the image of the poet, the scientist, etc. Just distorted substitutes of patterns, natural for human behavior;

5. Sex and violence, instead of valor and love

It's no secret that sexual instincts are among the strongest. Accordingly, through the theme of "sex" you can in some way affect the person. Moreover, sexual instincts, like any other instincts, constitute our dark, animal part of personality, the unconscious of a lower order. These instincts are stimulated through media, advertising technology, propaganda in the scientific and fiction literature, computer games.

Friedrich Nietzsche said: "A man is a rope fixed between a beast and a superman - a rope over an abyss". So, from the psychological point of view, the "superman" is connected with the highest form of our unconscious, of the region, which is the source of creative, scientific, poetic inspiration, the source of heroic deeds. And the region of the lower unconscious is connected precisely with the beast, with instincts, with violence, with fear. Both the "superman" and the beast are integral parts of ourselves, only in some people the "superman" dominates the "beast", while in others, on the contrary. 

I will open one small secret, our masters are afraid of the development of highest form of unconscious in their slaves, because this part of our personality is divinely deep, uncontrollable and unpredictable. They rightly decided for themselves that the monster of animal violence associated with the instinct of reproduction, with sex, is much less dangerous to the system than the source of divine inspiration. It is for this reason that the speculator from psychology Z.Freud began to impose his theory. Freud was not fascinated by science, he was fascinated by "occultism" from the unconscious, he was fascinated by manifestations of a violent divine power. Rather, it fascinated his sponsors. For them, there was a very vivid example of how the long-forgotten image of the "blond beast" had burst out of the higher unconscious German people and almost revolutionized the entire world order. For them, "sex and violence" is safer;

6. Consumerism in its negative meaning is precisely that weapon from their arsenal, which "kills" several "rabbits" at once

What is the difference between consumption and consumerism?

Consumption is due to the natural necessity of the individual to possess this or that subject. This is easily seen in the examples. You have torn / worn out jacket, you go and buy a new one - it's consumption, but if you go and buy a jacket, because it's branded / fashionable / textured or just because you want to stand out in front of others - this is consumerism. In other words, consumerism is an immoderate consumption that is not naturally conditioned. 

Why is it so important for the existing system? Well, first of all, consumerism is the engine of their economic model, as it constantly spurs demand, which in turn stimulates producers to grow, and the electorate pushes for new loans, without which the existing monetary and financial system will collapse. 

Secondly, consumerism is a great antidepressant, reducing social tension in society, and most importantly, determining the range of permitted purposes for the society.

Thirdly, it, like any "antidepressant", is attached, which means that it makes people dependent, weak and easily manageable. Fourthly, it again, albeit to a lesser degree, but blocks the higher unconscious.

7. Taboo on Nobility

Nobility is dangerous for their system, because it forms unpredictable and uncontrolled behavior in people. They are afraid of obscure motives, they are more comfortable when people are driven by greed for profit, lust, dependence, vice.

8. Destruction of family values

This paragraph is partly echoes of "sex and violence", but it has its own specifics. The destruction of family values, contributes both to the destruction of national cultures, and to the atomization of society, to the stimulation of selfishness and cattle behavior.

The listed methods are far from a complete list of weapons from their arsenal, but the goal of all these methods is simple - to kill the Soul, your Soul. And the most interesting is that from this scourge there is one universal medicine - remember and listen to oneself eternal. Do not sell your ideals for green paper, do not ever act against your inner voice, even if it seems rational. Intellect is the most important tool, but very much can not be explained by dry logic. Man possesses not only reason, but also emotions, feelings, intuition. A healthy person should develop all four aspects. And only your soul is able to unite these contradictory and incompatible parts of your personalities. Do not sell it even on pain of death or poverty, with sold soul to live very painfully and pointlessly. Because it is your soul that knows your true destiny. Requests can be infinitely different, you can be scientists, artists, musicians, engineers, builders, peasants, warriors and many others, you can create and destroy, do not be afraid.

The main thing is, do not turn into degenerates, faceless, living dead of a spiritually divisive system that take you away from yourself. "