Anna News, Sergey Badyuk, Syria. April 7, 2017

- We are at the airbase of Shayra. Which tonight at 3:45 was struck by cruise missiles "Tomahawk". As an excuse to the strike was used a chemical attack near Idlib, allegedly conducted by government troops. The agency Anna-News has reliable information about the fact that this chemical attack was organized by the rebels of Jebhat an Noussra just as an excuse to strike at this airbase.

Today, the US government finally put an end to international law. The reason for the massive attack was an incident in the Syrian village of Khan-She-Khun where, according to the opposition, more than 30 people died as a result of a chemical attack.

The tragedy that has taken place has generated a huge number of questions. However, nobody really planned to conduct an international investigation of the incident. Within days, the perpetrators of the tragedy were established.

And immediately a massive strike with cruise missiles was conducted on them. And the basis for the attack was data from social networks.

- That is, the hit was ... punched from above, right? Is this MiG-23 burned out?

- Yes, this is a MiG-23.

- And all the hits are through the roof?

- Yes all. And in another hangar.

- That is, everything burned down here. Struck a hefty hangar. Just a point hit from the top.

- They used Tomahawk missiles. Until recently, the American side was confident of storing chemical weapons here. This was expressed by the representative of the US Defense Ministry Jeff Davis. According to him, planes flew from this airbase on April 4, and allegedly struck with chemical weapons in the province of Idlib.

Moreover, the American command deliberately chose the targets for the attack, and struck everything where theoretically could be a chemical weapon. Thus, the ammunition depot and the fuel storage facility were destroyed.

A few hours after the strike our film crew calmly examined all the destroyed objects. In particular, we visited the weapons warehouse. 

- The Americans said that we are using chemical weapons. And it was from this air base that our plane took off. And now see for yourself. They destroyed the ammunition depot from there we took air bombs. And where is our chemical weapon? If it really happened, then all servicemen would perish. And we have only seven dead. And we can walk here peacefully. So, we did not have any chemical weapons.

- Have people died here?

- Yes, they died.

- How many, who died?

- Two people died here.

- One senior lieutenant and one foreman.

- What are your wounds?

- This is the result of these blows.

Seven soldiers and officers were killed. Thirteen people were wounded. But even in spite of this already by lunch the runway was cleared of debris, and Syrian aircraft and helicopters again began to make combat sorties from the military airfield.

- I'll tell you how the Americans help to terrorists. This stroke helps. They destroyed planes.
And these planes fly against terrorists.

- Here is the position of preparing air-to-air missiles.

- All destroyed?

- Much has been destroyed.

- This is a deactivated missile.

- There were compressor stations here, motor vehicles and auxiliary equipment.

- How long did the blow last?

- 30 minutes.

The act of aggression against a sovereign state must undoubtedly be investigated. But first of all it is necessary to conduct an international investigation of the facts of use of chemical weapons in Syria. And only after that apply punishment to the guilty.

Otherwise, international law will be replaced by the right of the strongest and any country will be able to get hit by several dozens of "Tomahawks" based on data from social networks.

Translation of video by AntitTerror.One