West funds the Islamists and tries to protect them from the attacks of Russian aircraft. This article is a look from inside, written by my Syrian friend.

All Syrians have heard that the United States is dissatisfied with the blows of Russian aircraft in Syria, and it looks like a war is looming between the two countries. I do not think that people in Congress who understand the real state of affairs, and who are not fueled by the media, that they would jeopardize the safety of its citizens and cities, to protect expendable trash pile of sand niggers. Soon enough the United States will work out, they’ll learn how to live with it and everything will be fine.

No one at the official levels of Western countries has any doubt that the destruction of ISIS - is good deed. Questions arise of Moscow's use of forces against so-called "moderate opposition" and civilians. As for civilians - let's leave it to the conscience of news agencies, fake throwers and whistleblowers. I want to talk about what a "moderate opposition" is, which according to US officials and media, Russia bombs. At the same time it will become clear why the West does not want to show publicly the whole composition of the opposition forces fighting against the Syrian authorities.

In fact, there is no moderate opposition in Syria. The Free Syrian Army (FSA) appeared in 2011, was trained and equipped by Turkey, USA, and Saudi Arabia (and used its reserves as well). However, very soon after, FSA was almost completely destroyed by the Syrian Arab Army (government forces) and by Hezbollah.

In 2013-2014, at the same time other fundamentalist groups such as the al-Nusra Front and ISIS started intervention to Syria. Both organizations have adopted the dogmas of al-Qaeda, in their turn exported from Saudi Arabia. These fundamentalist groups began to receive support from the rich countries of the Gulf under the auspices of the United States to help the Free Syrian Army, being destroyed at that time.

As a result, they have become even stronger than the Free Syrian Army. Because of various ideological basis and / or economic considerations they clashed with the FSA and dismantled it. For example, ISIS captured the cities of Aleppo, Raqqa, and now the current city under siege - Dyer El-Zour.

In short, foreign masters have not managed to help the Free Syrian Army. Its defeat met foreign masters with a difficult choice - to abandon the plan to overthrow the government or to use its brands, gathering under him the rest fugs. Therefore, the choice was made.

The United States ordered the Free Syrian Army to make a self-decomposition, all the while becoming an umbrella for the other groups. Saudis together with the Turks did not fail to take advantage of it. The owners of FSA used different religious movements and sects in order to make yesterday's rivals become united in the name of Jihad, replacing the deceased organization under the brand name of the Free Syrian Army. Since then, the Free Syrian Army is filled with fundamentalist Islamist ideology instead of secular ideology that prevailed before.

This “New” FSA began to gain militants from Chechnya, Europe, the United States, the former Soviet Asian republics such as Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. As a result, all of the opposition now have only fundamentalist basics, whose followers believe in the brutal killing of civilians.

For example, the organizations FSA consists of now (focus on names, please):

Jaysh al-Islam - the organization formerly known as Liwa al-Islam (meaning Army of Islam or Islam Brigades). It is a coalition of several Islamist and Salafi units involved in the war in Syria. The main area of influence and operations - Damascus and surrounding provinces, Duma and Eastern Khouty. This organization is the largest militant group in the region, as was its predecessor previously. The group is a part of the Islamic Front.

Jaish al-Fath (JAF, also translated as "Army of conquest") - large groups of Syrian Islamist fighters, mainly active in the province of Idlib. Some groups operate in the provinces of Hama and Latakia. "The army of conquest" was the target of recent air strikes by Moscow. This organization cannot be called moderate either. They are guilty of massacres and horrific killings of civilians.

Harakat Ahrar al-Sham al-Islamiya is a coalition of several radical Islamist Salafist units, which merged into a single team in order to fight against the ruling Ba'ath party, headed by Bashar al-Assad.

Sham Legion - an alliance of Islamist rebel groups, were formed from moderate Islamists. Initially, the alliance included 19 different groups, some of them have been linked to the cell Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and Revolutionary Council Shields.

Al Dzhabha, Syrian Islamic Front (SIF) is the umbrella organization of Salafist groups of Islamist fighters fighting the government of Bashar al-Assad. Its biggest group - the organization "Salafist Ahrar al-Sham", which is reported to "lead" the Front and dominates it. In November 2013 the Syrian Islamic Front became a member of the Islamic Front.

So you can see that there is no secular ideology in units that are part of militia groups (opposition forces) who control about 50% of the occupied areas. They are all controlled by radical Islamists. Other units are two most notorious players in the Middle East - ISIS and Al-Nusra Front (a branch of al-Qaeda in Syria).

In this article, I am not examining the depths of the role of foreign countries they have in the creation of illegal military formations of Free Syrian Army and others. As well how many participants in the FSA were really dissatisfied with the Syrian authorities then this organization was created? The Country protected itself and its people. The result is that the Free Syrian Army, originally a mostly secular armed opposition, no longer exists. So Moscow has taken aim at the beasts who export radical Islamic movements to my country and others, even your own! Moscow is destroying the filthy bastards, for whom abduction, torture and murder in public is normal.

In addition, there is something else concerning international relations. The Syrian government, represented by President Assad, appealed to Moscow to intervene, and Russia has every right to act in the territory of Syria, protecting us, the Syrians. At the same time the United States and Europe are violating our space, our sovereignty, act as at own home.

We are convinced that the USA does nothing with ISIS under the slogan: "an enemy of my enemy is my friend." ISIS and al-Nusra targeted to destroy the Syrian Army, so why would the United States rush to sweep them out of our land? Let them continue replicating selfies with their bestial executions until they destroy Syrian statehood, homes and families.

But then they would go to your home! Just think about it!