Dear friends!

Our community needs volunteers engaged in writing articles, who surfing the web for interesting content, and translating it on different languages!

More information about the project can be found here.

How it works

Creation, reviewing and publication of new content as well of translations follows approximately the same algorithm:

  • Users submit content on the website, and the article is published after validation by authorized editors.
  • If translation of material is absent then website visitors are invited to participate in the translation.
  • Visitors submit translations and they are also published on the website after verification.
  • Active users are encouraged, including by being given the roles on the website.

The Authors

Your creative work can be published on our website under open Creative Commons BY 4.0 licence. Read more:

Rights and confidentiality


Community needs your experience as a translator!

Our visitors are willing to forgive you many mistakes, but machine translation is unacceptable - we need that the content is read by someone with language skills at least above average. By the way, there is a reason to improve your linguistic skills for the benefit of the common cause.

For this:

  1. Select the article that needs translation from the list at the bottom of this page.
  2. Flag on the left indicates the language of the source article, and the flags on the right show languages, which are interesting to the community for translation of the article. Click on the language flag to go to the form for translation of this content (you have to log on to the website first).
  3. Fill in the opened form with the translated text and click the Submit button.
  4. When materials are received, once verified, they will be published on our website. If we simultaneously get two translations of the same content with a relatively equal literacy we will give preference to the one that received first.

Let's start

In order to be our volunteer, to post and to translate, to comment on the materials you need to register on the website. This can be done in a couple of mouse clicks, tying a new registration to any networks in which you are already registered.


Create new article

We promise our thanks to active community members and we thank you for your interest.

And of course you may contact us any time using the feedback form. We love to hear your questions, suggestions and remarks.

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Help the community to translate this content

Yuri Andropov - 06/15/2017 - 12:14

Yuri Andropov - 06/15/2017 - 12:14