Our project is an online platform for veterans, professionals and passionate people, living in different countries and speaking different languages, interested in the issues of fight against terrorism, military Affairs, geopolitics.

Our online project ANTITERROR.one has an international focus and we trying to publish a content in our feed that is interesting for our subscribers in different countries of the world.

With our community we translate this content from English into Russian and from Russian into English. Though we are ready to publish articles and video between any other languages if you help us.

The administration of the site does not necessarily support the authors' point of view. But in order to have a chance to appear in our tape - articles should be interesting and not offensive to the community.

The project was created and developed with the support of the International Association of veterans of division of antiterror "Alpha" and newspaper "Spetsnaz of Russia"

Our goals

Terrorism is an evil with no national or religious affiliation. We welcome any visitors who share this idea.

Our online project designed to unite those who fight against this evil. We can not accept articles, reviews and comments of any radical wing, and welcome tact of community members with respect to each other.

We set ourselves the following goals:

  • the creation of an international online platform for exchange of experience in the field of combating terrorism;
  • the development of relations between veterans' organizations of the world;
  • the popularization of Russian and foreign special forces;
  • to light activities of personsand organisations struggling terrorism
  • collective "national" monitoring and language translation of Russian and foreign information content.

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We appreciate reliable friends and interesting authors. Take part in our activities and gain prestige among veterans, professionals and the community as a whole.

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