(Adopted translation)

Many people often ask me the question what special forces is the best in the world? On the one hand, I can not give them a definite answer, because the action of special forces can not be measured by any rating. On the other — a kind of evaluation method still exists, and according to it the Russian Group "Alpha" (Department "A" of Special Purpose Centre of Federal Security Service of Russia) is the best in the world.

Proof of this is held in the United States 29th tournament Super SWAT International Round-Up. It is an open world championship among police units. In 2011, the Russian unit "Alpha" first time it's sent to the team championship - that has become a kind of sensation by itself. The team had eleven servicemen, including two snipers.

Places they got became an even greater sensation. Fighters of unit "Alpha" took first and second places in the Super SWAT, silver in "Remington super sniper". And the title of "Best international team."

After the officers of "Alpha" showed the highest results, experts from other countries asked them the question: where'd you come from, guys?! They wondered which even more when got guys know that every day take part in various special combat operations in war zones and in SWAT operations in the towns as well. Although the first Americans snorted contemptuously in private conversations: you have to be happy by the very fact of participation in such a prestigious tournament, and accordingly not to think about any places.

Seventy-two teams have registered for the competition, just fifty-nine have reached the finish. Someone was disqualified, the rest mostly went away by themselves — were very large claims to the judgement conducted by Americans. Judges openly condemned competitors from other countries. Look at just one of the episodes of the competition.

The exercise, which will be discussed is "the Rescue of injured SWAT member". According to it, the sniper and four members ran to the traverse over the water, overcame the obstacle, then a wall or pipe, and at the end had to open fire wearing the gas masks with assault rifles at paper targets. Then everything is repeated again, but shooting is conducted to metal circles. After this, the team reaches a zone from where "the wounded" have to be evacuated to a place of overcoming water obstacles. After that sniper repeats almost all of the same exercises. But shooting is conducted from a sniper rifle to a little white plates.

On the first exercise, the fighters of "Alpha" were wrongly condemned, a time penalty was added to them. The soldiers did not argue with the judges, but after that, the team leader took camera and camcorder and filmed all the affected targets in next stages.

Time at the finish was one of the best 3 minutes 40 seconds. However, when final results were announced appeared that "Alpha" got four penalty minutes, became 7 minutes 40 seconds. However, all attempts to obtain justice were rejected. Organizers said that the results of the competitions, photo and video documentation is not a proof. Only judge takes a decision.

Faced with this attitude, the team leader asked judges to bring the affected targets - the answer was that they were already destroyed!

The team contacted with the leadership in Moscow, and got an answer directly — take your stuff and leave. But "Alpha" team decided to stay because of their principle that they are not accustomed to retreat. Thus the task was not only to win but to make everything perfect, that the organizers were not able to distort the results.

An exercise for the title of Champion in the Super SWAT was next to perform. Running was a main task. In full combat gear had to run a mile, with the obligatory crossing of water and land obstacles. Then the firing line — the firing of any weapon. Then the party runs another mile at the end of which shooting again. Then the third mile, with a water barrier and an obstacle course. At the end of it shooting out of the machine.

From the beginning of the assignment, the four fighters of "Alpha" that were nominated for this exercise, set a fantastic pace and went into the lead. When they finished, no one could believe it. The guys had time to cuddle, take pictures, wash up and get changed, and then other participants began to approach the finish.

Thereafter a real trade had started. The organizers tried to persuade Russian soldiers to give first place to the American. Guys have not agreed noway. Then judges wanted to retroactively enter two age groups. But in the end the truth prevailed.

Brazilian party, which has to become the second, finished up the third. They got very upset and said they will never come to these competitions again. Fighters of the Hungarian team which participates in the competition for ten years were unhappy as well.

Whatever it was, the officers of "Alpha" showed courage, self-discipline and a terrific will to win. They took over not only the skill but also the power of the spirit. While was at one of the exercises an officer has got a sunstroke the temperature was +35°C), but he reached the finish line and fainted over there.

Did they really had to go to that competitions? Yes they did, of course. There is a saying: "prove at game" — that was done. They looked at others, showed themself, gained experience. And won a psychological victory.

At the awards ceremony Russian officer Michel who became the world champion of Super SWAT received a certificate for the right to get free of the "Glock" of any model. That could be done at any gun store, but again, a store is not allowed to sell weapon to foreigners, and besides a foreigner cannot withdraw the gun from the country. So why were these beautiful gestures?