There is a main task of his life ahead of Peter Poroshenko now - to escape when the next coup will happen. And in this regard, the story of the emergency evacuation of Viktor Yanukovych from Ukraine is recalled.

One of the Specialists

In the military language, the escape from the country is called quite gracefully: "unplanned departure".  However, in the case of Yanukovych, another term is quite suitable: emergency evacuation, since the question was an edge: to live it or not to live.

According to the laws of the genre, President Yanukovych was to share the fate of Libya's leader Gaddafi - a terrible, bloody fate.  He, Yanukovych, was sentenced, and the West once again seemed to be nothing to do with.

The president was saved by the guard, and the officers remained faithful to him. They did not flinch, did not betray their oath and the officer's duty.  And Russia helped, by granting asylum to the lawful head of Ukraine.  We spoke about this with the former colonel of the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) and the veteran of "Alpha" Dmitry Ivantsov.

... Crimea, Inkerman, that is at the confluence of the Black River to the Sevastopol Bay.  Here in the summer of 2016 for the first time there were competitions on practical shooting from a carbine, devoted to the day of formation of the Group "A" ("Alpha") of the KGB-FSB.  The organizers were the Federation of Practical Shooting of Russia and the representative office of the International Association of Veterans of the anti-terror unit "Alpha".

The initiative of the tournament belongs to the head of the Representative Office of the International Association of Veterans of the anti-terror unit "Alpha" in the Republic of Crimea and the Hero City Sevastopol to the reserve colonel, the veteran of the Ukrainian "Alpha" Dmitry Ivantsov.  He, like many Ukrainian soldiers, had to go through all the trials and persecutions associated with the tragedy of the coup d'etat in Ukraine and the country's actual transition to external governance.

In an atmosphere of total insanity and total loss of reason, Dmitry was one of those who kept a clear vision of the political situation and managed to prove his loyalty to the oath and Ukrainian statehood in deeds.  Participation in a special operation to evacuate the legitimate president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych to Russia, and in fact the salvation of his life became a striking fact in his biography.

A native of Sevastopol, Dmitry graduated from the Sevastopol Naval Institute named after Pavel Nakhimov, as well as the Odessa National Academy of Law.

After the military school, Lieutenant Ivantsov was sent to the 7th Separate Special Operations Brigade of the Ukrainian Navy (Pervomaisky Island).  First he was a commander a reconnaissance group of special purpose, then a group of underwater mining.

From 2001 to 2012, Ivantsov served in positions from an officer to the head of the department in the Ukrainian "Alpha" - the elite unit that emerged from the "overcoat" of Group "A" of the KGB of the USSR.

It so happened that before the coup, the Ukrainian "Alpha" celebrated two "birthdays": the first - on March 3, 1990, when the regional branch of the Union Group "A" was established in Kiev, and the second was the re-creation on June 23, 1994 of the unit with the former title.

Dmitry Ivantsov came to the Main Directorate of the "A" SBU, which was headed by then general Alexander Birsan, the future head of the State Protection Directorate and the director of the Institute of the Office of State Protection (UGO) of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

God dicided so that Alexander Semyonovich died suddenly on the eve of EuroMaidan, in autumn 2013, and did not see the collapse of the country, which, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, he gave two decades of honest and impeccable service.

In the fall of 2007, the Center for Special Operations to Combat Terrorism, the protection of participants in criminal proceedings and law enforcement officers was established.  Partly in the manner of the CSN (Center of Special Operations) of the FSB of Russia.

At that time, the Center for Special Operations of SBU consisted of three departments - in Kiev, Kremenchug and Simferopol (the Republic of Crimea), as well as small regional anti-terror departments in all regional centers of Ukraine and in the Hero City of Sevastopol.

Less than two years before the victory of EuroMaidan, in May 2012, Ivantsov was transferred to the Security Service of the President of Ukraine, where he headed the special department.  He was there until February 23, 2014.  And it was just in the group that carried out the emergency evacuation of Viktor Yanukovich to the territory of Russia.

Behind this brief biographical note is the tragedy of brotherly Ukraine, which became Bandera's Ukro-Maidaniya ...

To Stop at Any Cost

On the night of February 22, 2014 Dmitry Ivantsov was behind the wheel of one of the cars of the presidential motorcade, which followed along the route Kiev-Kharkov.

An important detail.  All this happened immediately after the signing of the Agreement on the settlement of the political crisis in Ukraine - a document that was signed on February 21, 2014 by President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and leaders of the parliamentary opposition with the mediation of representatives of the European Union.

The guarantors were the foreign ministers of Germany and Poland - Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Radoslav Sikorsky - and the head of the continental Europe department of the French Foreign Ministry Erik Fournier.

European ministers simply deceived Yanukovych.  Their guarantees, as expected, turned out to be fakes.  Many then thought that Yanukovych, the radical opposition from the Maidan and the West agreed on everything and that everything will be "okay."  However, it turned out another way.

In the evening of February 21, after the signing of the capitulation, Yanukovich flew by AW-139 helicopter from Kiev to Kharkov - to the congress of deputies of local self-government.  In addition to Kharkov, the schedule of his trip included Donetsk and the Crimea.

Security Service in advance sent to Kharkov and Crimea cars of the motorcade of protection, the so-called "advanced group" - they were ambushed on the road.

- In the way of the motorcade, we had to overcome about five checkpoints of "self-defense", - recalls those events Dmitry Ivantsov.  - On three of them we met resistance in the form of blockade of the motorcade, and on the next two we were opened fire from firearms.  Three cars were damaged, an officer was injured.

Dmitry was lucky not to be killed - several bullets broke through the door and wing of the car.

"I was rescued by a pistol clip, which was in a pouch at this place," Ivantsov said and shows a deformed cartridge.  - A centimeter to the right or left ... and the consequences could be fatal.  The attackers were sure that Yanukovych was in one of our cars.  The information that he actually flew to Kharkov by a "chopper", but did not follow the highway, was not disclosed.

Yes, Yanukovych's motorcade was waited, shooting at the cars had begun before they approached the roadblock.
"The first fire was opened on us when we were just heading for the checkpoint, although it was not possible to visually identify who was in the cars," Colonel Ivantsov is convinced.  "But they did not try to do it!"  Because they knew for sure ... There is no doubt that there was a connection between the roadblock, the data on our movement was transmitted along the chain.  The task was to stop us at any cost!

Making a good face with a bad game, the supporters of EuroMaidan say: if they would like to kill Yanukovych - they would kill!  Say, they gave him the opportunity to calmly leave the cordon.

Well, in the first place, it is by no means "calm".  Secondly, the living Yanukovych created a great headache for the conspirators, especially during the events in the Crimea.  And, thirdly, the general mess, unpreparedness of militants for such actions and the real bad luck did not allow to stop the motorcade - and that for a time distracted the conspirators from the true route of Yanukovich.

Then the Russian special services entered the case.

In the documentary film "Crimea.  Way to the Motherland" President Putin told in detail about the evacuation of Viktor Yanukovych.  He personally set the task of taking it to Russia: "There are reasons to believe that he would simply be destroyed."

According to Vladimir Putin, for the rescue of Yanukovych helicopters were sent, which were supposed to detect the motorcade of the ex-president, who was moving from the Donetsk region to the Crimea.

"Every time we recorded the location of his location, along the route of his route.  But when they showed me the map, it became clear that he would soon stumble into an ambush.  Moreover, according to the information we have, large-caliber machine guns were put there to stop talking for a long time," the Russian head of state said.

Helicopters could not find the cortege for a long time because of a lack of communication, but they managed to notice the cars when their drivers simultaneously switched on the high beam.  The overthrown president did not want to leave the country and intended to stay in the Crimea, however, according to Vladimir Putin, at that time there was no one to talk about the security of Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine with anyone.

"The fact that we saved his life, the life of his family members, it seems to me, is a good deed, noble," the Russian leader said.  - I do not want to evaluate his work.  He said: "I could not sign the order on the use of weapons.  I could not raise my hand."  Is it possible to condemn him for this?  I dont know.  And I'm not going to do it.  I do not consider myself entitled to do this.  It's good or bad - the consequences are heavy from inaction.  It is obvious".

According to the newspaper Kommersant, the head of the special operation to evacuate President Yanukovych was Alexei Dumin.  In 2014, he headed the Special Operations Force of the Defense Ministry.

Now the Hero of Russia, Lieutenant-General Alexei Dyumin, is at the head of the Tula region.

Operation of the CIA

Konstantin Kobzar, former head of the Security Service of the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Pavlenko, the chief of staff of this structure, as well as their colleagues who found themselves in Russia, told about the things that preceded the evacuation of Yanukovych, the creators of the tv-program "The Hunt for Yanukovich" (NTV channel).

At this moment, when the cars of the "advanced group" came under fire, Yanukovych flew from Kiev to Kharkov by two helicopters.

- There was information that several groups were planned to be set up to organize a terrorist attack during the congress in Kharkov with the aim of massacre of President Yanukovich, - said Vladimir Pavlenko, in the past - one of the best snipers of "Alpha" and "state guard".

Knowing the impending terrorist attack, the security forces tried to prepare for Yanukovych's speech in order to ensure his safety.  However, strange things began to happen.  The police and the administration were obliged to provide the Palace of Sport, in which the congress was planned to be held for several hours for security checks by the security officers.

And what?

For some reason they refused to do this.  Local police, referring to certain orders from Kiev, completely ignored the requirements of the protection of the head of state and in fact refused to ensure its security.

- Immediately we see that for unknown reasons we were not expected there, or for some reason they tried to sabotage our presence, - said Vladimir Pavlenko.  - Allegedly, the minister ordered that it was forbidden to use weapons, and all law enforcers handed him to the warehouse.  These actions were incomprehensible, it was even more difficult to understand who could give such an order, given the situation that has developed in our country.

What was it?

The independent decision of someone from the militia leaders or the performance of some secret agreements with the organizers of the coup d'etat?  Yanukovych was in fact forced to come to the congress to the unguarded Sports Palace, surrounded by several hundred militants.

About forty minutes to the beginning of the congress from two hundred to three hundred militants from the "Right Sector" advanced with bats, sticks and chains in the direction of the Sports Palace.  They bought a few boxes of beer and emptied the bottles to make "Molotov cocktails".

In this situation, the guard convinced Yanukovych to refrain from speaking at the congress and immediately fly to Donetsk.  Subsequent events confirmed that fears were not in vain.  The real hunt for the president was declared, representatives of the Ukrainian special services took part in the plot.

By the way, the time will come - and all participants in the coup, including those intending to physically eliminate the head of state, will be named.

When there were only twenty minutes of flight to Donetsk, the crew received an unexpected order - to return to the airport of Kharkov.

- The dispatcher replied that this is the order of the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Turchinov, - says Sergey Bernatsky, attached security officer of the Guard Service of the President of Ukraine.  "I clarified with the dispatcher what the consequences might be if we continue moving."  He replied that they would force the plane to land.

 The dispatcher was tasked: at all costs to return Yanukovych to Kharkov, where he was waited by three hundred armed people from the "Right Sector".  The pilot refused to return.  He said that the fuel in the tanks is enough just to Donetsk.

"After landing in Donetsk, we tried to contact Kyiv by mobile communication," recalls Major General Konstantin Kobzar, the head of the Security Service of the President of Ukraine.  "But the phones were disabled or locked."  Then it was decided to board the plane and fly to Kiev to find out what is happening.

I must say that Kobzar, who had twenty years of experience in military service in special purpose units, clearly understood what was happening, and had no illusions - he acted by the situation, honestly fulfilling his duty.

However, in Donetsk, the presidential board was not allowed to fly, the border guard blocked the plane.  The stewardess was told to lift the ladder and no one left the plane.  Three armed frontier guards stood before the plane, and the dispatcher told the pilots that the airport had stopped working.

When Yanukovych was transplanted from the plane into the car, border guards ran up to the cortege and tried to prevent the president from leaving the airport.  A fight ensued.

- To the question "What are you doing?  You are violating the Constitution in relation to the president! "The border guards lowered their heads, and one of the officers quietly replied that they had an order from Kiev to detain the president," - Konstantin Kobzar recalls.

Presidential security still managed to take out Yanukovych from the airport, with two automobile columns they moved towards the Crimea.  Ahead - all the same "advanced group".  At the entrance to Melitopol they found an ambush.  The road was partly blocked by heavy transport, machine guns were distributed along the way.

Apparently, the motorcade was waited for a long time.  When the "advanced group" had turned the car back, a SUV was sent for them from the roadblock behind them.  However, the conspirators could not catch up with the car, which was run by a professional from the presidential guard. A few minutes later the chief of staff, Vladimir Pavlenko, was telephoned by the road inspector, who was on duty at the very outpost near Melitopol, and said that the task was to shoot the motorcade of President Viktor Yanukovych, leaving no one alive.

It became obvious that such an order could only be given at the highest level.  According to military experts, the Ukrainian radical opposition, even with the support of its people in the Security Service, was not able to conduct such a large-scale operation.  It is obvious that both the state coup and its component - the liquidation of the head of state - were carried out by representatives of foreign special services.

"Americans monitored the movement of the motorcade of Yanukovych through technical intelligence and electronic intelligence," says Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine.  - They intercepted and deciphered the conversations in the course of these movements of the motorcade, and in fact issued target designations to the Kiev authorities on the subject where Yanukovych might be at the moment.

Muammar Gaddafi was destroyed by this scheme in due time, whose movement was tracked by Western drones, in particular, American ones.  And in fact, the target designation was issued in order for the militant groups to go to the right place to intercept the cortege and destroy Gaddafi.

What we have been demonstrated is Gaddafi's violent death on the air.  I do not exclude that we would also be shown the death of Yanukovych on the air, of course, accusing him of exporting a large amount of foreign currency and jewels and first attacking the checkpoints of the "Right Sector", refusing to stop and surrender, "- states Igor Korotchenko.

"Moderators" of the attempts to physically eliminate the president of Ukraine listened to his phones, carefully traced his routes and movements in on-line mode.  They also gave commands to the militants of the armed opposition.  However, the specific performers were not good enough.  Plus, its role was played by the obvious insubordination of the part of those representatives of the Ukrainian special services who did not want to participate in this dirty business.

... After a brief meeting, the president's guard decided to move to the Crimea, but only on secondary roads.

- The measures taken were as follows.  We pitched the convoy into several cars and already moved away from each other in an unobtrusive direction, "continues the story of Vladimir Pavlenko.

It was possible to fly from Crimea from several airports located in Evpatoria, Dzhankoy, Kerch and Sevastopol.  However, it soon became clear that the Ukrainian president could not appear at any of these airports.  Everywhere he was already waited by people with weapons, including foreigners.

- Information was received that a charter flight landed at the Belbek airport, where there were three groups of armed people, including English speakers, - says Vladimir Pavlenko.  "That is, it confirms once again that armed people have been sent along the whole route of our movement, they always appeared where we were.  This indicates that our conversations and our movements were under control.

Regarding the information on the "charter flight with armed people in Belbek", as we know. during these days Avakov came to the city and Balaklava with a group of power support to coordinate the operation on Yanukovych.  Assessing the situation, Yanukovich decided to leave the country.  There was no other way out than to put himself in the hands of the executioners.  The physical elimination of the incumbent president was to be the final stage of the coup d'etat, inspired by the US and supported by the leading NATO countries.

Despite all the measures taken by the conspirators and their curators, Yanukovych remained alive and is still the legitimate president of Ukraine.  The operation to liquidate him failed, and it happened solely due to the officers of the Presidential Security Service, who remained true to duty and carried out their work to the end.

Cremea. New Life

Now Colonel Dmitry Ivantsov is a citizen of Russia, like many officers of the Ukrainian special services and law enforcement agencies (including a group of fighters "Berkut"), forced to leave the crazed country.

Heavy losses suffered Ukrainian "Alpha".  Together with the Crimea, Russia also withdrew its former Crimean administration, including combat swimmers.

Donetsk "Alpha", Lugansk ... All this is already in the past ...

There are participation in the civil war on the side of the junta, fighting losses in the Donbass.

In March 2016, the Security Service of Ukraine unveiled a roll-call list of former employees who "changed the oath and went over to the enemy", including all officers of the Crimean Alpha.

A list of 1391 names was posted on the official website of the SBU with the message "We remember the traitors".  It included 135 people from the former Third Directorate (with a dislocation in Simferopol) of the Center of Special Operations "A" of the SBU of Ukraine, eight people from the Internal Security Department of the Security Service of Ukraine, 817 people from the Security Service in the Republic of Crimea, 383 officers of SBU - from the hero-town of Sevastopol.

Colonel Ivantsev had only a photograph from the former life, where he was photographed in the uniform of the officer of state security of Ukraine.

He and the veterans of the Crimean "Alpha" have a new life.

One of the most significant events of this new "format of life" was, as already mentioned, a practical carbine shooting event dedicated to the Day of Group "A" of the KGB-FSB.

The debut was attended by about fifty participants from Sevastopol, Crimea, Moscow and Blagoveshchensk, including current and former officers of special services and law enforcement agencies, as well as civilian athletes who wished to show their skills.

The professional referees from Voronezh, the Amur Region and St. Petersburg judged the championship.  Chief judge of the championship - Maria Sveshnikova, European champion in shooting from a carbine - came from the Northern capital (Sankt-Petersburg).

Veterans of the International Association of Veterans of the anti-terror unit Alpha support the beginning of their Crimean colleagues and expect that the holding of these competitions will be fixed and become an annual event.

 And they remember about the tragic lessons that the Kiev EuroMaidan brought, and are convinced that the events in Ukraine are a good lesson and a warning what can lead the country to disaster. Russia has learned the right lessons.